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Ronald W. Barton

Ronald W. Barton


Ronald W. Barton has been with Waddell & Reed for more than four decades. In that time he has helped many clients better understand their financial options as they plan for the future. His forte is helping clients stay focused on pursuing their short-, medium- and long-term goals despite the chaos of day-to-day changes in their lives and in the market.

He is a 26-time qualifier for the Crest Award which recognizes performance excellence and is bestowed to the most productive financial advisors affiliated with the firm based on an analysis of investment, insurance and financial planning sales. 

At Waddell & Reed we spend our days focused on the 'what if' scenarios of the lives for our clients. Here are some 'what if' scenarios of our own:

What if you could only give one piece of financial advice? What would it be?

A part of all you earn is yours to keep.

What if you had the day off to do anything you wanted? What would you do?

Fish, hunt or fly.

What if you had the job you wanted when you were 5 years old? What would you be doing?